Florida Crazies: Convicted Felon Bites Of His Boyfriend’s Ear On Some Mike Tyson S#!t

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Florida Man Arrested For Biting Boyfriend’s Ear Off

A man named Bruce Tolbert was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida after police say he bit off the left ear of his boyfriend according to TheSmokingGun.

Tolbert was charged with felony domestic battery after police pulled up on the scene

“there were no witnesses to the incident.” However, Officer Max McDonald reported, “a portion of the victim’s left ear was missing.” The severed chunk “remained on the ground at the scene of the incident,”

Apparently, this guy has a pretty long rap sheet with all type of arrests and subsequent convictions. He also served 7 years for car jacking, robbery and grand theft.

That said, this ear biting thing isn’t gonna go over well with the judge.

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