Hillary Clinton Promises To Spend $25 BILLION On All Historically Black Colleges

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Hillary Clinton Plans To Spend $25 Billion On HBCUs

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wants your vote! Clinton recently penned an exclusive op-ed for The Root about aggressively spending money on historically Black colleges and universities nationwide. The presidential nom says she will continue to build on President Obama’s legacy by helping Black people get an education.

Check out Hillary’s plan below:

First, we’ll make college much more affordable—and in many cases, we’ll make it completely tuition-free. I worked with Sen. Bernie Sanders on a plan to make sure every student whose family makes under $125,000 can attend an in-state public university tuition-free, and all students can attend community college tuition-free. And we’ll work toward making sure students attending public HBCUs never have to take out loans to cover the other costs of obtaining a degree, like textbooks, activities and living expenses.

Second, we’ll help graduates who are already weighed down with student debt. Since black students at any given institution are more likely to need to take out loans and graduate with more student debt than their white peers, this issue disproportionately impacts the African-American community. Our plan will let them refinance that debt, ensuring they never have to pay more than 10 percent of their income. And if they work in a public field for 10 years, we’ll simplify the process for forgiving those loans altogether.

Clinton then lays out a plan to spend $25 BILLION on HBCUS over her potential presidency…

Finally, we’ll make a historic $25 billion investment across all HBCUs—public and private—so that each one has the funding to keep creating opportunities and providing more support services for underserved students. That includes expanding on-campus child care and creating more scholarships for students who are also parents to make it easier for them to obtain a degree.


Are you with her or nah? Sound off in the comment section below about Clinton’s HBCU plan.

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