P Body Bae: 20 Pics Wendy Williams Probably Wants Deleted From The Internet Forever

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20 Photos Wendy Williams Probably Wants Deleted Forever


When will Wendy Williams learn?!

The trash TV talk show host was recently dragged to the darkest depths of hell by Blac Chyna for talking about her relationship with Rob Kardashian. Check out the epic shade below:

The “P” body azz bae probably needs to have a stadium of seats because the internet never forgives or forgets…


Hit the flip to check out 20 photos Wendy wishes she could delete next!

IG/Splash/Wendy Williams


Remember when Wendy Williams announced that she dropped over 50 pounds from a vegan diet? She quickly tried to debut her beach body in Bal Harbour, Florida, but instead the internet tried her. Does she look good for her fifties though???


This was her right before her milestone birthday (50). We’re not sure whether to look at her big breastesess or her flat azz? She revealed before that she had gotten breast implants (duh) and liposuction over 20 years ago. What else do you think she has gotten done?


She mentioned before to People that she wanted to just fit in good clothes and to have a body that matched her personality. Welp, “How you doing” Wendy? 😂😂😂


When you’re on your last few strips of Crest  😁 😂 Do you think all that lipo was really necessary???

Corbis/SplashNews Wendy Williams Husband Son Family Vacation Boca Raton wrinkly legs one-piece

Social media really dragged her for this photo. Is it karma for all that ish she talks about other celebs???


Okay, we might be able to giver her this one. But what does the behind look like?

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    Wendy Williams might not have the best bikini body out there but she sure does have the most confidence…


    This is her flexing for the gram.


    Wendy Williams spotted at the Bal Harbour Beach in South Florida.

    wendy williams

    Wendy Williams getting her contour on.


    LOL who did this comparison???

    wendy williams fishnets big breasts

    Wendy Williams with her big ol’ assets…

    wendy williams alien

    Is this before or after she campaigned for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur?”


    Did you know that Wendy Williams has a rule that no one taller than her is allowed to come on her show? Apparently she doesn’t like it. Weird, right? It’s a good thing that she’s 6ft tall.

    wendy and husband


    Have you ever seen Wendy Williams before the surgery???




    Do you think she wears spanx?


    Ohhh Wendy, how you’ll forever get dragged by social media. Do you think Blac Chyna gave Wendy what she deserves???

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