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Chicago Man Killed By Police

A black man named Joshua Beal was killed in Chicago over the weekend while attending a funeral. Beal was 25-yr-old father of two as well as a college graduate. The police are saying he had a gun. The video is kinda shaky, but you can see a man in a red shirt approach a crowd of black people while pointing his gun at them yelling obscenities. People are up in arms over this killing and want justice. Beal’s mother, Tiffaney Boxley, says “Chicago police gunned my baby down like a vicious animal.” The family was in a funeral procession and say the off-duty cop cut off the line of cars and almost ran Joshua’s sister off the road. According to the family, Beal pulled the gun after seeing his sister being held at gunpoint. The family also said the officer never identified himself as an officer but instead cursed the woman calling her a “b*tch.”

“He was plain clothes and called her a b*tch and things like that. She got out the car. They arguing. He put a gun to her head.”

The family says Joshua has a license to carry a firearm. A woman thought to be Beal’s sister told Chicago CBS “My brother is the one who is licensed to carry his gun wherever he goes. This man never identified himself, never said anything. He just started shooting through the windshield of my brother’s car.” The police say Beal is only licensed to carry a firearm in Indiana, not Illinois. The family also said “He tried crawling under the car to try to protect hisself… And then the cop came and shot him two more times while he was on the ground.” Joshua’s brother, Cordney, was arrested on the scene after tackling the shooting police officer and putting him in a choke hold.

The community is in a uproar over the shooting and protests are in play.


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