Halle’s Baby Has a Name

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Halle Berry and K-Fraud Gabriel Aubry named their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. How precious. Congrats to them again, we’re looking forward to seeing the baby soon.


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  • Blacksmith

    Pretty name.

  • NotoriousOne

    Hoping Halle cashes in on those baby pics. That’d be a PHAT start to that savings account.

  • jt325


  • Robert!

    FIRST! I hope.

    Not sure about the name. Hope she goes by Ariela.

  • Milio

    No, I agree. Wishin it was me……

  • Milio

    *Notorious One (typo)

  • He's Presidential

    That’s good a regular name.

  • I'm Just Me

    I actually like that name.

    Better than what Julia Roberts named those twins.

    I couldn’t spell it if I wanted to!

  • Smartie

    Meanwhile other sites are saying the baby was named Clara Stella. If Nahla’s the name, it flows better.

  • chocolat

    i wish it was me instead of Halle that got gabriel’s baby. That man’s a HOTTIE!!!

  • Al-Anon

    I’m just glad the baby doesn’t have one of those hyphenated last names.

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Milio…

    “I agree. Wishin it was me….”

    You and me both! Trust me, even w/out cashing in on the baby pics that lil’ girl is NOT gonna want for much in her life. LOL

  • Southern Belle 225

    @notorious one…okay! that’s what I’m saying. Dayum!!!

    Really pretty name. I can’t wait to see how beautiful this baby is!

  • Jerome

    Her baby is gonna have light skin and long good hair, she so lucky.

  • JR

    So have we all agreed to just pretend that’s a pretty name? I’m in…I just wanted to make sure I knew what was going on…

  • JR

    Awwww…. How pretty!!

  • JRiddles

    Cute name…better than the rumor that it would be Dorothy.

    @ I’m Just Me…I think one is Phinnaeus

  • JRiddles

    So babis are automatically cute b/c they’re half White?

    @Baby please…you’re so stupid.

  • Gwendolyn

    I like Harlow Wynter too, that’s Nicole Richie’s baby name. And yes, I agree, this is exactly what this Puerto Rican Troll does to start a race rant.

  • JRiddles


  • Boom

    Hey Jerome, I guess that makes JLO’s twins ugly then.

  • lady

    Now you black folx ain’t saying all that…people just gonna call that baby Nae-nae.

  • JRiddles

    HAHA! You’re lying to yourself. Being half-White does not equate being beautiful. Why don’t you put up a picture of yourself?

  • http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/columns/article417935.ece Nita

    Nahla Ariela? LOL girlfriend’s been watching Disney movies heh Oh well, it’s her baby she can name her whatever she wants and whatever flows from her tongue, and it does.

  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva's is 2008's Triad Idol Winner!!!!


    Her baby is gonna have light skin and long good hair, she so lucky.



    Anywho– That is a really pretty name. I’m glad they didn’t name the poor little thing something that would take a lifetime for her to learn to pronounce! Much less SPELL!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!

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