“Professional Cuddlist” Says White Men Are Desperate To Feel Black Skin And Will Pay For It!

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Professional Cuddler Says White Men Want To Feel Black Skin

Brookyln resident Amaku Ukpong is an energy medicine practitioner, spiritual nutritionist and professional cuddler. Ukpong was recently featured in a viral video with fellow cuddler Kan Seidel about their job.

The “cuddlist” tells BET that many people feel the need to pay for intimacy because they lack interaction in their daily lives including other races…

“I have been contacted many white males that have expressed so many times to me, they’ve never had close contact with a woman of color. And so for them it’s new, it’s interesting. I get a lot who say, ‘I’ve never touched a Black woman before,’ because maybe it was something that wasn’t encouraged, or allowed growing up. And they think somehow it’s supposed to be different.

“I had a guy who booked a session with me and I winded up not doing it because his motives didn’t sound clean. He mentioned to me something like, ‘I’ve never touched a Black woman before. I’m curious cause you know what they say about Black women.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I could only imagine, but since this isn’t a sexual service it doesn’t matter what they say.’ So I had to end that conversation real quick.”

Watch this video of Cuddlist Kan Seidel explaining why people pay him for human contact:

Would you pay someone $80/hr to cuddle with you for the afternoon?


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