Which One Would You Hit?? Dame Dash vs. Scuzz-Bucket Jimmy Jones

- By Bossip Staff

Dame Dash and Jimmy Jones were at the Latin Film Festival in NYC last night both rockin the white tee and fitted steez. We’re not sure what you ladies are into, but if you had to choose between one of these rascals, which one would you let ‘get it’???

Pop the hatch for more of these dudes and just for the fellas we have Melyssa Ford, Tocarra, and Dollicia Bryan at the Lady Hennessy event in LA…

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  • Hawt Ass Mess

    Anyone but Hannibal ol troll looking ass

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)


  • cruzan trini


  • BlackDiamondcenter

    nither one…one is undercover homo the other is retarted………Im Str8* on both of them

  • Resurrected

    Dame because Jim Jones is very igonant man I see nothing positive to learn from him… HE is not ugly but looks stank as someone said earlier…

  • sugar77

    Jim – would have to witness him shower, first.

  • bmore chick

    Dame…JJ still look dirty…Now dotn get me wrong I lvoe Tocarra but is it me or does she need a better support bra on?

  • PinkMe

    If I HAD to choose one, DAME!!!!!!!

  • LeahLeah

    Who has the most money?? That could be alot of help with the decision I make. *giggles*

  • Fashionized Diva

    i wouldnt choose neither… for one jim jones does look stank lol and dame dash try go on my baby S.C. plus he is broke, i’m not a gold digger or nothing. i’m just saying, i mind as well work like i’m doing now and do what i’m doing now. and let me add again he try go on my baby S.C!!

  • JoJo

    Definitely Dame cuz like someone said earlier, he looks like he doesn’t hit the shower too much.

  • sexylexis has michael vick in a figure four leg lock

    Neither one.

  • chrissy

    the only way I would hit Jim Jones is with a lead pipe

  • dayg715

    Jim Jones.

  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    *hangs head* Jim Jones, but only after I see him take a shower w/ an exfoliating cloth and there can be no kissing on the mouth involved. 😆

  • Be Original

    Geez, I never realized these two looked so much alike. In any case, not a good thing. I’d rather take two shots to the head before sleeping w/either one.

  • Resurrected

    Dame has had success and he has a business mind state and he can always get what he once had on an even better note now that he knows he enemies from his friends but JJ is just ignorant and don’t want to know nothing but that street life…

  • Newlife

    If it would be my choice neither, but lets just say Dame would be the one to choose! Jim Jones stays looking dirty to me! Does he shower, shave or ever look CLEAN!!!

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Dang, at first glance I thought is was the same person.

  • Resurrected


    And I do not see loyalty in Jay now so I really can’t say just speaking on the topic…

  • jack

    toccara looks so sloppy

  • Sunny

    I’d pick Jones as long as I could start our rendezvous with a sultry, warm bubble bath!

  • http://BOSSIPP @resurrected cont

    None of them Brothers on right now all these years later.So why do people wish that on Jay.I find it hard to beleive people want Jay still trying to get on,going bankrupt,still speaking broken english ect

  • KayKay


  • http://bossip MoniSings

    Neither one.

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