What A Shock: New Survey Shows That Trump Supporters See Black People As “Less Evolved” Than Whites

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Survey Finds Trump Supporters See Black People As “Less Evolved”

In a set of findings that should come as a shock to absolutely no one, a new survey has revealed that Trump enthusiasts see Black people as “less evolved” than whites overall.

The survey found that Trump supporters likened Black people more to animals than their human counterparts, see us as having less self-control and morality, and essentially classify us as subhuman. Via Slate:

White respondents routinely described black people in dehumanizing ways. Some examples: “I consider blacks to be closer to the animal kingdom,” one respondent said, because blacks “lack the intelligence and morals” of other races. Another said that black people “carry and conduct themselves” in ways that are “almost animalistic.” A third responded claimed that black people have “the highest rate of murders” and cited this as evidence for the assertion that blacks are “people who act like animals.”

The test also finds that the racist outlook is not merely a republican thing, but very specific to Trump and what he represents for disgruntled racists all over the nation:

Critically, surveys we conducted earlier in the Republican primary reveal that dehumanization of blacks is not strongly associated with support for other Republican candidates such as Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Of course, Trump’s rhetoric on racial issues is much different from that of the other Republican candidates in the field. Trump has also been slow to distance himself from white supremacists such as David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan. He has tweeted and retweeted memes from white supremacist Twitter accounts as well and repeated the falsehood that most white homicide victims are killed by black people. Trump has praised violence against black protesters at his rallies and even suggested that he might participate in it himself. It is no surprise, then, that whites who see black people as less than fully human are disproportionately likely to support Trump.

Many political pundits appear bewildered that a candidate as overtly racist as Trump could have so much success on the presidential campaign trail. But for those whites who deny the full humanity of blacks, Trump may be popular not despite his racism but because of it.

SMH. Again, no one is at at all shocked to hear that Trump is for racists…basically DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO tomorrow at the polls, everyone!!

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