ATL Housewives Premiere… Just In Case You Missed It Last Night

- By Bossip Staff

These hoes are crazy and fake as hell now. At first they all hated each other and now they are all buddy buddy. GTFOH… but still no one likes Kim. So let’s break it down…

NeNe – Has a New (RENTED) House in Lisa’s neighborhood and is cool with her now. This house is just as empty as the last one rented house. Her and Sheree the Tranny made up. She can’t stand Kandi and hates Kim but seems as if she misses her and is hurt but still LOUD and Obnoxious.

Sheree – Moved into a smaller house because she claims her ex-husband stop paying the bill but the house actually did go into foreclosure. She didn’t receive that big seven figures. Her and NeNe are friends again and Sheree no longer speaks to Kim. She gets into an ally cat ghetto brawl with the party planner… SMH!!! Anthony said this morning in an interview that: “I was never hired by Sheree or Bravo to do a party. This event was for the Atlanta Music Festival, and the producers ask me to modify the event to be included in an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, entitled Sheree’s Divorce Party.”

Bravo worked it out for Sheree to get a free party and the B*tch went pyscho… SMH

Lisa – Now this chick is really coming out this season, not miss goody goody anymore. She has a bone to pick with Kim about some rumors that were spread about her using drugs. She’s getting buddy buddy with Nene since that’s her new neighbor then her and Ed are talking about having another baby.

Kim – Is the most hated out of the bunch. Why is she still on the show. She’s not married, she has sugar daddy… who knows but she is trying to get some business about herself. She wants to start a wig company because she is a wig user, so she visited the Empire Beauty School. She also stated that she wears it because at one time her hair was falling out but it’s not cancer.

Last but not least… the Newest Housewife, Kandi Burruss…

Kandi – She was just brought in this season to replace Mrs. Snow. She’s a former member of Xscape and also is a Grammy Award Winning Writer for people like Mariah, TLC, Alicia Keys, Destiny Child and more. She has a daughter name Riley and her fiancee AJ, who’s six kids deep. Her mother is not really fond of her engagement and she is also putting out a new solo album.

So when you really put it all together, the old hoes are just awful, so let’s see what Miss Kandi brings to the table.
This what we can’t seem to figure out… With this show being the Real Housewives of Atlanta, all the other Housewives in Cali, NY and Jersey are basically ballin’ but Nene rents her so-called mansion, Sheree is foreclosing, Kim is banking off her Sugar Daddy, Lisa and Ed drive a Nissan Armada and Kandi seems stable especially with her history. Why did they even bring the old cast back???

So in Case You Missed It… Here’s the ReCap

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  • Daphne

    Last night did not disappoint. Drama, crazy & fabulous!!! This is gonna be a great season!

  • Hazelnut

    LOL @ “Nissan Armada”…I noticed that, too…

  • Lady J

    omg! last night was a great show….

  • Miss Diva


  • DB89

    That ish was funny thou
    …..whos going to check me boo boo…shm
    I knew something was up bc no one working for someone acts in that manner towards anyone that had hired them to do a job.

  • s


  • s

    dam 8th? lol

  • keke

    Yea!!! Love Sheree & Lisa. Kandi seems to be pretty cool. Cute little girl. And I LOOOOVE Dwight! Dredful!!!

  • anon


    That catfight had me cracking up!!!

    “Who gone check me boo?!?!”

    And I just loooooooves me some Dwight. That lap dance was divine and gave me life!

    And in regards to Kims wigs…”How Dreadful!”

  • Victor Newman

    Sheree looked great last night!

  • blackbeltshopper

    Lisa look pregnant already…

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    My eyes were glued to the tube last night…DRAMA!!!!
    LOL…I noticed the Nissan Armada too – but she also had a benz in her driveway.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    When the Party Planner said “Yo Mama” I was done! HILARIOUS

  • too cute

    Kandi seems down to earth,everyone is so mean to Kim,the arguement with the party planner,was so unprofessional

  • Hazelnut

    Even though the event for Sheree was free, the “top level executive’s” business was getting the free advertisement. And Sheree had valid points – how can someone write a poem about her if they have never met or spoken to her. That guy was a flaming, dramatic queen who crossed the line. His behavior was deplorable…

  • no bueno

    i’m mad sheree said “the cleveland in me was about to get pookie n em to come beat yo ass”… but yet she tries to be so ladylike and classy at other times.

    that party planner was out of line though.

  • MsUnique216

    I missed it!! But i’m sure they’ll play reruns. Nothing like a train wreck… @ the fact that none of the old cast even have money. I guess they won’t be going on shopping sprees and the price being flashed on screen. We all know how much stuff costs at Target lol

  • kaneesia

    y do u dog this show out so much? so what they r living in rented houses and driving non-exspensive cars? these chicks r the real deal and we should support them and not dog them out each time. damn black people 😦

  • HarlemWorld

    Nissan Armadas are the shiznit I don’t know what y’all are talking about. Mine is on 24’s!

  • Big B

    Kandi, is how you say-FINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mz. b

    y do u dog this show out so much? so what they r living in rented houses and driving non-exspensive cars? these chicks r the real deal and we should support them and not dog them out each time. damn black people

    why should we support them? because they are making black people look bad? because they are making black women look trashy? or because they perpetuate the “ghetto” mentality that we should live above our means, in big houses and designer clothes that we can not afford, before we actually own something (aka a house) that will help us build wealth and get us some respect in this country? please let me know, because i see no reason to support this mess.

  • HotCoko79

    @Mz b

    I agree that living beyond our means is not a good look EVER but thats why parents need to teach that to their children EARLY in life anyone that looks at this show as anything more than entertainment has a serious problem 1 thing they don’t teach in school is financial education especially when it comes to credit and investing (I think I heard Kandi say she invested a lot of her money but I maybe wrong) so thats where parents need to step their game up

  • WTF???

    That party planner was the worst! First of all, he’s flaming gay and you could tell he didn’t like Sheree from the jump. That’s why he was so quick to catch attitude with her and play himself like a complete idiot on television. He didn’t make her look like the “trash” he kept calling her. He made himself look like an unprofessional hater who couldn’t wait for Sheree to say something he didn’t like so that he could throw a fit. I hope they fired his ass.

  • Damn shame

    The way Ed Hartwell of whatever team he used to play for got reduced to Mr Lisa, is an outcry, the man loves her with all his heart but he is definately a stepping stone for her last season when he wanted to play she busted that balloon, now he thinks he is about to get her pregnant with all the flossin she is loving it up to every flash bulb why does her baby hubby think she will be doing this promoting pregnant? she gave them crazy excuses when she really wanted to say STFU dont be crazy dude. Him dancing her to the room to try on a dress was not lovey dovey it was pitiful because we have yet to see her back in him in anything for himself.
    Kim is lazy and doesnt have the smarts to have her own anything ,so do what she do and keep stroking somebody elses Poppa. She must have serious after pole skills because a conversation with her cant be nice. No where to go from spelling cat K-A-T.
    NeNe and Greg have a nice unit. She was so happy Sheree, who has been avoiding her like swine flu finally made up with her.
    Khandi, has a great down homeness to her but she buggin if she really believes this man would marry her if she was broke, no way do we believe that scrub brought her that ring.
    Sheree “Who gon check me Boo” – I’m feeling you this season the ice is melting and like the new house. thanks for cutting little OJ’s hair.

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Woooowwwww. Burnt out.

    ; )

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