You Can’t be Serious: Teenage Boy Beats Grandmother To Death After She Hides His Beer

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Florida Teen Kills Grandmother Over Beer

A teenage boy has been accused of beating his grandmother so badly — over beer no less — that she ended up losing her life. 18-year-old Dylan Broughman brutally attacked his grandmother, 69-year-old Joyce Courson…all because she hid his beer to keep him from underage drinking. Via News 4 Jax:

According to JSO, police responded just before 8 a.m. Oct. 10 to a domestic disturbance call on Ashridge Circle in East Arlington. They found Courson on the floor, bleeding from her face.

Dillon Ross, who lived in the home, told police he heard Courson and Broughman arguing because Courson took Broughman’s beer and hid it while he was taking a shower. Ross said Courson didn’t want Broughman to drink because he wasn’t 21 years old.

Ross said he heard a couple of bangs and then Courson screaming for help, police said.

Ross found Courson on the floor and saw Broughman leaving the home.

“She was just covered in blood,” Ross said. “There’s blood everywhere, all over the floor, and she was bleeding profusely from her head, and the house was trashed. Holes in the walls and whatnot.”

Courson was taken to Memorial Hospital with multiple facial injuries, and was able to tell police that during the argument, Broughman began punching holes in the walls near the kitchen of the home, police said.

As Courson was coming down the hall near the kitchen, Broughman pushed her to the ground, police said.

After she was on the ground, he held her down and punched her in the face repeatedly with a closed fist and began kicking her while she was on the ground, police said.

SMH! We have a hard time believing beer is this important to this guy…what an animal. He deserves the worst punishment they have for meeting his grandmother’s concern with such violence…

News 4 Jax

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