Celebrity Chef Akhi’s Diet Tips To Tackle Black Women’s Fibroid Epidemic

- By Bossip Staff

Chef Akhi

Cut Down On Meat
“I’m anti-meat,” Akhi said. “It took me three years to get off pork, beef and chicken.” My mentor “Dr. Sebi, used to say no blood and no starch. The facts are that meat takes weeks to digest in the body. The fermentation that happens, it’s like a really hot city where nobody takes out the trash. It’s nasty. I’m not one of those judgey vegans, but you get to a point where you feel better than the meat tastes. If you can go pescatarian, you would be adding years to your life.”

Eliminate Sugar, Dairy And Carbs
“We’re addicted,” Akhi said. “This is something that’s very doable. You have to cut off the fibroids supply to these toxins…More veggies is the thing. The carbs will mess you up faster than the meat will.”

Chef Akhi, who specializes in seven, 14, and 21 day detox plans, said it’s time that women – especially women of color – embrace holistic approaches to their own health and wellness.

“You have options,” Chef Akhi told us. “These options may not be what line the doctor’s pockets, but they are permanent.”


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