My President-Elect Is Wack: 100 Boulder High School Students Stage Trump Protest Walkout

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Colorado High School Student Protest POTUS-Elect Trump With Walkout

In the second instance of high school students protesting political matters…

100 students at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colorado participated in a walkout in protest of newly elected POTUS, Donald Trump.

At 10 a.m. students flooded the front lawn of the school with protest signs and Mexican flags and began marching away from the school.

Around 1:30 p.m. students at Fairview High School followed suit and walked out of their classrooms to signify their displeasure with the Orange GOP candidate.

According to the DailyCamera, the students want it to be clear that they support democracy and respect the process, but they ain’t f**kin’ with The Donald.

“We don’t stand against our political system, but we do stand against the hate that is being broadcasted by our newly elected leader,”

Teenagers are more woke than some of these adults…

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