Gary Johnson Claps Back At Americans Who Blame His Third-Party Shenanigans For Clinton Loss

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Gary Johnson Says Don’t Blame Him For Clinton Loss

Who is to blame for Clinton’s devastating presidential loss to Donald Trump? Libertarian nom Gary Johnson is clapping back at Americans who believed his third-party shenanigans were to blame for taking away potential votes for the Democratic party according to TMZ.

The guv’s spokesperson tells TMZ that’s just sour grapes, and HRC could have upped her chances to win if she’d found what Johnson’s 4 million supporters were looking for in a candidate.

Election analysis reportedly shows in key states like Florida and Pennsylvania — where Donald Trump’s margin of victory was less than 1.5% — Jill Stein and Johnson’s backers could have swung the vote.


This was Hillary Clinton’s election to lose and she LOST. Maybe the Dems should do some soul-searching and reflection before blaming others.

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