Electors still have the potential to make Hillary Clinton President

Maybe, Just Maybe: Hillary Clinton Could Still Become POTUS If THIS Happens…

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Dissenting State Electors Could Be Hillary Clinton’s Last Hope To Become POTUS


While thousands took to the streets last night in protest of a Donald Trump presidency. There is still one Hail Mary, long shot, damn-near-impossible set of circumstances that would make Hillary Clinton the new resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

When we cast our ballots for President, we are actually voting for electors, the partisan citizens chosen by their respective parties to cast an electoral college vote for the candidate who won in their state.

Electors are “required by law” to vote for the chosen candidate in 29 states, but the penalties for not voting are very minimal and no one has ever been prosecuted according to TIME magazine. Choosing to NOT vote for said candidate is called becoming a “faithless voter”.

In the history of America, there have only been 157 “faithless voters” according to FairVote. This year, four people have already pledged to subvert the will of the people should they elect a disagreeable candidate.

Electors Robert Satiacum and Bret Chiafalo of Washington state have both vowed to make such a move. Earlier this week, we reported on Mr. Satiacum who said he cannot cast a vote for Hillary in good conscious.

However, Republican electors Baoky Vu and Chris Suprun, of Georgia and Texas respectively, have said they refuse to vote for Trump if their state’s ballot totals favor The Orange One.

Electors cast their votes on December 19. Considering the significant public displeasure with Trump, we’re sure the media will be keeping a keen eye on the electoral college proceedings in the event that some historical obtrusion takes place.

We should be clear, this idea of a swath of electors railing against the system is highly improbable and very unlikely, but hell, so was a Donald Trump presidency.

Hope this helps you guys with a greater understanding of our democracy. We suggest each and every one of you begin to educate yourselves on the process and the politicians so you can be prepared to vote correctly when Pres-…Donald begins his reign of terror.

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