Bad Tat Birth Control: This Chick REALLY Regrets Her Headazz Body Art “Up The Bum, No Babies”

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British Teen Wants To Get Her Awful Butt Tattoo Removed

A British teenager is having some major misgivings about a tattoo she got while slizzard in Spain.

19-year-old Beth appeared on a show called “Tattoo Fixers” in an effort to get her embarrassing ink covered up. During a night out with her girls, Beth was challenged to get a birth control-y slogan permanently marked on her plateau-ish cakes:


“up the bum, no babies”

Via TheSun

“I thought it was hilarious at the time but now? Instant regret,” she told the programme.

“Me, my friends Danielle and Lucy were getting drunk at a bar drinking cocktails and brainstorming ideas of a tattoo that I could actually get,” she said.

“Then Danielle came up with the idea, ‘up the bum no babies’. It was kind of like my motto, we all used to joke about it.

“They were all egging me on so I thought, ‘Let’s go!’. I’m lying on the tattoo bed and all my mates are chanting my name, taking photos and videos.”

Suffice to say, her dad wasn’t with the s#!ts:

“It’s vulgar. I really hate it. It’s a true statement but it shouldn’t be tattooed anywhere on your body, let alone your bum.”

What would you do if your daughter came home with this tattoo?

Image via Channel 5

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