L.A. Reid’s Son, Aaron Reid from MTV’s Super Sweet 16, Gets a Reality Show… WHY???

- By Bossip Staff

For a nation that is still feeling the effects of the Recession, since they said its over, the networks keep putting money out for new reality TV shows. Aaron Reid the Pilsbury Dough Boy, L.A. Reid’s son, has a show in the works. What happen to college? This kid was enrolled in Morehouse. SMH… Hopefully this doesn’t get picked up and just stays on youtube.

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  • brooklyn kid

    16 and overweight, says alot about the youth of America. Apparently this young man has been overindulged in the food department. Juvenile diabetes in on the rise.

  • Newlife

    WHY? WHY? Must they keep on airing some shows that dont make sense!! WHY?

  • c dizz

    fatty cakes

  • re

    uuuummm. ok…

  • Nique

    Ridiculous! He needs to put more energy into losing that baby fat-(grown man fat) instead of a show. When will hollywood realize that everyday folks JUST DONT GIVE A DAMN about rich,spoiled mofos???

  • mz. b

    sh*t give me a show 2 while ur at it.

  • WhoDat

    If they wanted a fat-ass whyn’t dey call me,i at least sing and dance!

  • Apoc87

    When I see ’em on the TV, these kids is soundin like



  • Mock Rock Star

    Today’s music is terrible…I wish he would go somewhere and get in shape

  • MsSmartiepants

    This isn’t LA Reid’s son. It’s Ruben Studdards !

  • n0.5

    how can he bring something new to the industry when is style is what is out already… he doesnt even look or sound any different then the hundreds doing it now… just a copy try to pass like something authentic

  • m

    i don’t get all the hate. at 19, i had a full time job. why shouldn’t he? his job just happens to be starring in a reality show. at least it is about him trying to do music, and not just out living crazy in hollyweird. you got use what you got to get what you want in this world. if my dad was a music label president, hell yeah i would be trying to break into the music biz.

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    he favors Ruben Studdard to me,what will this show be about,will it be about weight loss,these celebrity kids need to go to school,not all of them are always talented

  • Ama

    I like the background track… Sounds very introspective. Does anyone know what song that is? Who produced etc.?

  • Gaviota

    He needs to use all that money and buy some nutri-system or Jenny craig or DO SOMETHING…YUCK!!!

  • Gaviota


    LMOL, baby fat(grown man fat) LOL,LOL

  • mcleod10

    he really needs to loose weight!!! He is to young for that.. his father have is filthy rich!! he needs to send ol boy to fat CAMP!!

  • Mr.K

    Big ups to him for trying to make it on his own and not expecting a handout from Daddy. I’m concerned that he’s trying to be successful in an industry that his father is extremley well respected and successful in. It’s like Michael Jordan’s sons going to the NBA. He’ll always be compared to LA Reid. I wish they were showing him applying for medical schools or volunteering at a charity or something. Apparently even the “Trustfund” black kds get pulled into music and sports.

  • pretti brown

    Good! It’s about time they had a show about the young, rich, black, and Gay! snaps for the kid, is it going to be on LOGO or Bravo?

  • jandsmama

    I see that his genes just bypassed Pebbles all togehter huh? Dang…

  • British Scones

    he should go to college, learn something new and then he’ll bring something completely different to most in the hip hop industry: AN EDUCATION

    Its so unfortunate to see someone lucky enough to be able to afford opportunities such as college, and then throw it away….


    Oh really Dilina! He has the vibe you know

  • http://media.photobucket.com/image/beyonce+avatars/kingkurd/My%20signatures/My%20avatars/Beyoncecopy.png?o=14 Eshaneua

    Ruben Stoddard reject! Next!

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