How? Just…How? George Zimmerman Is Walking Around Florida Calling People “Ni**er”

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George Zimmerman Kicked Out Of Florida Bar For Calling Waitress N-Word

Somehow, by some miracle of Satan, George Zimmerman is a free man, walking around Florida, calling black people “ni**er” and there are zero consequences.

According to ABCNews, Trayvon Martin’s murderer was kicked out of a bar in Seminole County, Florida for accusing an innocent black man of punching him, berating a waitress, snatching a credit card out of her hand and droppin’ an n-bomb on her.

Peep what actually happened in the case of the alleged “punching”

When deputies arrived, Zimmerman demanded that a black man be arrested for hitting him. Authorities say bar video shows the man had given Zimmerman two friendly pats on the arm.

Friendly pats on the arm, huh? Sounds a lot like when Trayvon Martin “bashed my head into the concrete sidewalk”…

No arrests were made. Zimmerman walks off scot-free…again.

How is this guy…? *sigh* So, nobody gonna…” *sigh*

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