No Games: Soccer Player Ella Masar Signs 4-Year Deal In Sweden To Avoid Donald’s Presidency

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American Soccer Player Signs To Play In Sweden During Trump’s Presidency

Almost every day throughout this year’s Presidential campaign season we saw tweets, Facebook comments, Instagram posts, Snapchats and every other form of public communication rife with sentiments of moving away from the United States if Donald Trump was to become it’s highest ranking official.

So far, we’ve only seen one person who stuck to their guns, and she didn’t waste ANY time.

According to Eurosport, upon hearing the news of Trump’s victory, American-born soccer player Ella Masar went directly to her team’s director and asked to be signed for an additional 4 years in order to avoid living in a Donald-controlled country.

Ella currently plays for a Swedish club, FC Rosengard, and is more than happy to stay there.

“I went to see Therese [Sjogran, sporting director of FC Rosengard] and asked to sign on for another four years at the club as I did not want to go back to the US with Donald Trump as president,” she said.

“I’ve actually met him once. We had to go there for an Easter dinner and I thought then that he was a scary man.”

We don’t blame her one bit. She’s got good foresight. Donald is indeed a scary man.

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