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Ex Manager Suing The “Black And Yellow” Rapper For Breach Of Contract

Wiz Khalifa’s former manager has accused the rapper of making up a story in an attempt to void his record deal and screw him out of millions in commission.

Ex-manager Benjamin Grinberg also blasted the rapper for being ungrateful for the level of success he reached, which Grinberg said was largely in part to his former record label.

Earlier this year, Wiz sued Grinberg and his company Rostrum Records for allegedly steering him towards business deals that benefited him more than Wiz. Wiz signed with the company back in 2005 when he was still an up-and-coming artist.

Under the terms of the original deal, Wiz got 50% of the net record royalties for his first album, 55% for the second and up to 70% by the fifth album release. The rapper was to pay Rostrum 15% of his tour proceeds from personal appearances tours and live engagements along with 20% of all merchandise sales.

Wiz was paid a $5,000 advance and the record label paid $7,500 for lawyer bills.

They stopped working together in March 2014, and Wiz has said his ex-manager was only looking out for his own best interests and never gave him all the information before making business decisions.

Wiz filed suit demanding the contract be terminated plus a million in punitive damages.

Rostrum Records & Grinberg fired back at Wiz accusing him of screwing them out of two million, hitting him with a counter-suit that demanded their cut of his profits.


The rapper headed back to court recently and demanded his ex-manager’s entire case be tossed out of court.

Wiz explained he believed the original deal is unenforceable by “reason of menace perpetrated by Rostrum” and said the manager breached the deal first, which meant Grinberg now cannot demand a cut of his income.

Even if the court finds that Wiz’s ex-manager is entitled to damages, Wiz said any amount needed to be offset by the damages he is owed in his original suit.

Then recently Grinberg, and Rostrum Records filed docs in the case blasting the rapper and his lawsuit, claiming the suit is a transparent and baseless pre-emptive strike, designed to evade paying millions of dollars that Wiz owes to Rostrum Records.

Instead of paying up, they accuse the rapper of devising a made up story that mischaracterized the relationship between them and the 2005 deal that he signed – all in an effort to void the contract.

They demanded their former artist provide proof of his allegations they defrauded him, and claimed he has yet to show any evidence of his allegations.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.



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