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Deportation Letter “Prank” At Cali High School Outrages Student And Parents

Welcome to Donald’s Disciples. A moment where we recognize how badly The Orange One has influenced America to hate…again.

Today, we have a Shasta High School student in California who thought it HILARIOUS to hand out deportation letters to minority classmates.

According to NYDailyNews, the unidentified student recorded himself carrying out his offensive gag and posting it on Twitter.

The school’s superintendent, Jim Cloney, tried to dissociate the “prank” from Donald, but also said: “it would be hard to say it wasn’t” (a result of Trump’s hate speech).

He would go on to say

“It cannot be overstated that we do not agree this type of behavior is funny,” Cloney told the Daily News in a statement. “This sort of racially and culturally insensitive behavior is not tolerated at any of our schools and the administration intervened immediately when made aware of it.

Hope the parents who voted for Trump are ready to deal with these type of issues for the next four years.

Image via KRCR 7/Twitter



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