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Fishermen Find $3 Million Sperm Whale Vomit Floating Off Coast Of Oman

This is gross, but apparently “gross” can have a real positive impact on what you gross…

Fisherman from the Arabian Peninsula of Oman stumbled upon a disgusting and life-changing catch while looking to make their daily bread.

MNN reports that Khalid Al Sinani and two other men discovered a 176-pound piece of ambergris, or sperm whale vomit, that is extremely rare and never found in such a mass quantity. The value of the scarce substance is said to be around $3 million.

“Sperm whales generate it in their intestines as a way to protect their bowels from indigestible sharp objects that occasionally get swallowed, such as giant squid beaks. It gets passed as excrement along with the rest of the animal’s feces, or occasionally gets vomited back up if it causes a blockage — kind of like a sperm whale hairball.”

Ambergris is said to smell disgusting initially, but after some time curing, it emits a sweet and fragrant odor that is used in many expensive luxury perfumes.

Don’t get any ideas about hitting the sperm whale vomit lottery if you live in the U.S., it’s illegal as hell and PETA will see to it that you spend big time in the big house.

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