Bacon Boy Bigots: Michigan Cop Suspended (With Pay) For Parading Confederate Flag Around Trump Protesters

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Michigan Cop Suspended For Intimidating Trump Protesters With American Flag

confederate-flagThe country continues to split behind the hateful rhetoric of our President-elect and one Michigan cop is hell-bent on deepening the divide.

A story in FoxNews tells of a Traverse City police officer, Michael Peters, has been forced to turn in his gun and badge for riding around in his off-duty vehicle waving a confederate flag at Donald’s protests.

Police chief Jeff O’Brien didn’t mince words about Peters behavior: “He is not working as a police officer. I do not condone his actions.”

An internal investigation into Peters and his behavior begins today.

NOW, maybe white people will wake up and understand why POC don’t f**k with nobody wearing a badge and a blue suit. Sad that the plethora of videos of black men being gunned down didn’t awaken them, but Donald Trump did. SMH.

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