Florida Crazies: 59-Year-Old Orlando Man Arrested For Punching Swan In The Face

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Florida Man Arrested For Punching Swan In The Face

A 59-year-old Florida man has been arrested for allegedly punching a swan in the face reports The Orlando Sentinel. The man was caught by off-duty cops after entering a park in the heart of downtown Orlando…

Two off-duty Orlando police officers said they saw 59-year-old Sor Angel Velez punch a mama swan Sunday evening after she reached for him when he stepped too close to her babies.

Velez, listed as a transient on court papers, pleaded no contest Monday to injuring the animal and was sentenced to 10 days in the Orange County Jail.

The ain’t isht man has been banned from the beloved park so he won’t be a danger to anymore wildlife. What the hell is in the drinking water in Florida?

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