Elsewhere In The World: Kenya Sets Fire To Over 5,000 Guns In Effort To Discourage Illegal Weapons

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Kenya Burns Over 5,000 Illegal Guns Collected Over The Last 9 Years

gunsHere in America, we are constantly witnessing horrific mass shootings, then we spend the following weeks arguing about gun control and the best way to keep citizens safe.

Seems like we could learn a lesson from the motherland, because the folks in Kenya have the right idea.

The NYDailyNews reports that 5,250 guns were collected, piled 15 feet high, and set ablaze in somewhat of an effigy. Unlike American, Kenya’s gun laws are extremely strict, yet it’s estimated that over 500,000 illegal guns proliferate the country.

The 2nd amendment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but trigger-happy Americans would lose their aim-and-shootin’ minds if they saw something like this here.

Helluva statement though…

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