Kerry Washington on Her “Off Day”

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s Kerry Washington at some summer party in NYC looking all wretched and homely. Her hair stylist needs to have his/her ass beat…Damn. They could’ve at least slapped some Jam or something on those edges. Poor thang.

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  • http://peacane1 peacane

    LOOOVE HER, but wtf is up with the hair.

  • freak

    love her regardless u dont have to wear fake hair to luk cute

  • DOA

    She would’v looked cute wit a satin headband round it or sumthin.its better than horses hair. But somethings always off with this chick tho, like she doesnt let Black people talk to her or sumthin

  • washaya

    Okay why do black women always gota be on about edges – she looks nice and natural!

  • http://BOSSIP KR


  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • christylove

    ohh ohhh go get the wig..stat!!

  • mjs fanatic

    She looks cute and simple y all always talking sh** !!

  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • Keema

    I love Kerry…She has nice looking teeth, full lips, very strong feature! I love it! Im torn becuz i love it; however, I feel she should have had a black boob wig on hand…u know an all purpose wig for small occasions like this:) but she still looks good!

  • DeDe

    I don’t think she looks that bad, in fact I think she looks beautiful. To me this looks like her real hair. I think we all have been so accustomed to weaves and hair pieces that we can’t find a black woman’s natural hair beautiful. I’ll take this over Naomi’s hairline any day

  • Earthchild ( I Love T. J. Holmes!)

    She looks great. Does she have to wear a weave to be appreciated! We need to change our mindset about black natural hair and hairstyles.

  • Jay the Real One

    She just killed all my fantasies I thought this chick was fine.

  • Sasha

    She is a very pretty girl, but this is an off day for her, but hell we can’t be beautiful all the time!

  • Missy

    LMAO at the Jam comment. Now that was funny…lol

  • Um...what?

    I must be looking at different pictures, because she looks BEAUTIFUL! wow @ the cat activity on a Saturday morning..SMDH

  • Dominique Devereaux

    This woman is gorgeous, damn haters!

  • hellonursenancy

    This is “wretched and homely”? Because to me, she’s serving it! If this is her “off day”, chicks better run from her when it’s her “on day”. Homegirl’s skin is flawless.

  • iyan

    It kinda looks like she just lost her wig. But she’s still pretty.


    Dam you have to knock her down to make a story.Why do black woemn have to fry,dye, perm, and slick there hair down to make the public happy.All black women don’t do perm and weave.With that being said don’t knock a sista for being NATURAL, REMEMBER WHAT THATS LIKE.

  • 100blackchile

    She looks great. Maybe if more black women are appreciated for their natural, God given hair& looks folks like you would recognize a beautiful black woman when you see her. And half the women on here criticizing Kerry would kill for her 100% natural looks. It’s a gift that not many can appreciate; the ability to look fabulous without spending thousands per year on weaves, botox, booty plumping shots and sh!t.

  • Lakeshow

    The only thing wrong with her is her love of the SWIRL

  • bcan

    i think she looks pretty and natural here. just a bit thin – hopefully, she ain’t listening to that zoe stylist chic. when most of those hollyweird folks put her on their team they start looking like skelator like she does.

  • Whut???

    Were heading back to the 70’s when natural hair versus perms and wigs was a big topic. It’s expensive and tiring to always try to have silky straight long hair like a White woman. At some point Black people are gonna have to learn ourselves again as God made us. We’re the most self – hating people on the planet, and every other race makes big money off of our insecurities.

  • Missy

    so what..I’m sick of hearing people talk about f*ing what. At least she has hair. There are people with alopiecia that wish they had hair. At least that’s her hair. She doesn’t have to wear pieces and all that fakeness all of the time. Leave her alone.

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