People Ain’t Isht: Man Nearly Beats Girlfriend To Death At Casino, Blames Free Drinks, Sues Hotel

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Man Blames Casino For The Life-Threatening Beating He Gave His Girlfriend

People never cease to amaze us at how ain’t-s#!t they can be…

A story in the Allentown Morning Call details how Nicholas Mullins beat his girlfriend within nearly an inch of her life at an area casino hotel. Mullins assault on Caitlin Shields was so bruthal that he was charged with attempted murder when her brain swelled to massive proportions.

Well, if you thought THAT was the part that made Nicholas “ain’t-s#!t”, there’s more…he is now suing the casino and blaming THEM for his violent attack. How can it possibly be the casino’s fault, you ask? According to Nicholas, they should have never served him 15 free drinks.

That’s right, the open bar is the cause of a woman nearly dying.

Oh, and after beating her unconscious, good ol’ Nic also tried to smother her with a pillow.

Mullins served 4 years in the bing for his crime, but he’s suing because the felony on his record is preventing him from finding a job. Let’s all say it together:


Nic and his scumbag lawyer are suing under the “Dram Shop Act” which holds businesses liable for overserving alchol to clearly intoxicated patrons.

We hope both of these bastards burn in Hell.

Image via Sands Casino/Northampton County

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