Poor Thang! Odell Beckham Lost Diamond Ring While Making It Rain On Them Sin City Skrippas With Von Miller

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"Hey, I see you at the game on your phone… Why cant you text back?" 🙄😂 @vonmiller #ItBeLikeThat

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Odell Beckham Loses Valuable Jewelry At NYC Strip Club

Odell Beckham had a boys night out with Von Miller Thursday, taking in a Knicks game together before heading to the Bronx for some stripperific fun at Sin City… Unfortunately Beckham would end up leaving the club with far less valuables than he entered with, according to TMZ reports.

It’s no secret that Odell is a dancing a$$ dude, but apparently, while he was showing off his moves, one of his pricy diamond rings slipped off and could not be found — despite offering a reward AND staffers getting down on their hands and knees with flashlights to search.

Do you think he’ll eventually find it or do you think one of the ladies went home with a little extra?

Hit the flip for more photos from the night.


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@prostyle and odell hanging out in vip!!!! #stripperidolthursday @gusbossman

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