Florida Crazies: Slizzard Bastard With Brimming Bladder Popped For Peeing On Beer

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Florida Man Arrested For Urinating On Cases Of Beer A 7-Eleven

Some people have absolutely no couth. Especially drunkards who live in Florida. According to TheSmokingGun, some fool with a full tank stumbled his azz into a local 7-Eleven looking to take a leak. But police say when Daniel Colon couldn’t find the little boy’s room, he opted for what he thought was the next best thing, the walk-in beer cooler.

The official report says that Colon whipped out his one-eyed Willy and soaked six cases of beer with urine and failed to give a single f**k.

When a store employee attempted to stop Mr. Colon, he simply ignored the worker, got in the car, and left.

The bacon boys caught him not too long after and charged him with criminal mischief and burglary charges in connection to the cooler pee, and also drunk driving.

Ah, Florida…where would be with out you? Probably with a the first female president and Trayvon Martin would be alive, but we digress.

Image via Pinellas County

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