Stevie J Agrees To Joseline Hernandez’ Paternity Request, Says He Wants Sole Custody If It’s His Baby

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StevieJ Joseline Breakup

Stevie J Petitions For Custody Of Joseline Hernandez’ Unborn Child

Remember when Stevie J was ducking Joseline’s order for paternity testing?

Well, now he’s had a change of heart. Not only does Stevie now want the definitive proof that he is indeed the father of her unborn baby…he wants the baby all to himself.

According to TMZ, Stevie has requested primary physical custody, saying that Joseline is an unfit parent…saying he suspects that she’s engaged in drug use during her pregnancy and that her anger issues — evidenced by her violent outbursts on Love and Hip Hop — make her a further danger to the baby once she’s born.

Oh, and he’s also asking for child support.

Well this this is certainly a lot of sudden concern for a baby he wasn’t even willing to claim 5 minutes ago. We think Joseline’s own early child support claim may have QUITE a bit to do with this massive change of heart…

But maybe we’re just being cynical and Stevie is just very concerned about properly fathering this fetus…


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