Ain’t This Bout A B!t¢#: Brisbane Broad Skates With Probation After Letting Dog Smash Her To Smithereens

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Australian Woman Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Her Dog Three Times


It’s one thing to bring a lil’ freakiness into the bedroom to spice things up a bit, but the key word is “lil”.

According to DailyMail, a 27-year-old Australian jawn from Brisbane named Jenna Louise Driscoll dodged some serious jail time after she was caught having sex with her pitbull terrier on three different occasions.

Crazy thing is, the only reason Driscolls freaky furry fun was discovered is because police found videos of the acts on her cell phone when she was being investigated for drug trafficking. Let her tell it, she only screwed the pooch because her boyfriend was turned on by it.

The judge scolded Driscoll from the bench for her “appalling conduct”, but ultimately showed her a bit of sympathy due to the public humiliation she had suffered.

‘This has ruined my life. I very much regret what I’ve done,’

Ya honor threw a 2 1/2 year suspended sentence for the drugs and probation for the animal f**king.

The next “dog” she humps better be some ain’t-s#!t Aussie with shrimp on the barbie.

Image via DailyMail

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