Et Tu, Kendall? Did Kendall Jenner Go And Get Her Lips Pumped Up Like Lil Sis Kylie??

- By Bossip Staff


Kendall Jenner Addresses Lip Injection Rumors

Is Kendall Jenner out here getting knifed up like the rest of her family?

The model Jenner has always had what most consider to be the most “natural” look in the family…and that look has taken her onto runways across the world and the covers of magazines.

But lately, it’s been looking like Kendall is taking a page out of baby sis Kylie’s book and giving her soup-coolers a little extra “oomph.”


Particularly after the millionaire little sisters took to Facebook Live yesterday to answer fan questions, the rumors that Kendall went under the needle for a fuller pout hit a fever pitch.

BUT…Kylie says not to worry. It’s all her (and her heavy makeup hand’s) fault:

Riiight. We seem to remember another little Jenner that sold that “overlined lip” story for as long as she could before admitting that her lips were full of industrial-grade silicone…

But hey. Maybe she’s being honest…and this professional cosmetics model is letting her amateur younger sister over-exaggerate her makeup for public appearances instead of a professional MUA. It’s possible…


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