CNN Host Blasts GOP Congressman Comparing Neo-Nazi Group To Black Lives Matter

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CNN Stops Congressman Comparing Neo-Nazis To BLM

CNN host Jim Sciutto recently blasted Republican Sean Duffy over Donald Trump’s suspect stance of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis after the congressman compared the alt-right hate group to Black Lives Matter reports Raw Story:

“He did condemn them and that’s a good thing,” Duffy said adding it was the “right move” and shows Trump’s leadership skills. “My concern is that Barack Obama, when he had a chance, didn’t condemn the riots across America that were in protest of Donald Trump’s victory in the election or didn’t condemn Black Lives Matter,” the representative added.

The CNN host shut down the Republican politician for comparing the two very different groups…

“You’re equating Americans protesting a politician with outright the and bigotry from a group that was using the Hitler salute to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory and are nothing more than white supremacists?” Scuitto asked. “That’s not a fair comparison.”

“No, no, no. Both are disgusting, for different ways,” Duffy replied.

Watch the heated interview below:


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