Kanye West's tour insurance could save him from losing $30 million

Paying Pablo: Kanye West’s Mental Breakdown Could Cost Him $30 Million Unless…

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Kanye West’s Tour Insurance Could Prevent Him From Losing $30 Million

When Kanye West announced the cancellation of his Saint Pablo Tour it stood to reason that he was going to lose a LOT of money. According to TMZ, “a lot” equals exactly $30 million. However, there is still a chance that Pablo will still get paid…

Apparently Kanye had an insurance policy that would see to it that he get his gwap in the event that: “accident or illness … prevents any Insured Person from appearing or continuing to appear in any or all of the Insured Performance(s) or Event(s).”

Here’s the snag though, although Ye’s doctor put him on a 5150 hold, the insurance company could still deny the claim if the “illness” is preexisting and not revealed at the time the policy is written or if it’s caused by “unreasonable or capricious behavior”, i.e. drugs or alcohol.

Knowing insurance companies, we’re sure that will do everything in their power to NOT pay Kanye West $30 million. But based on his rants about debt, he better pray to an ultra light beam that they cut that check.

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