Murder-y Matrimony-dom: Man Jumps The Broom Hours After Allegedly Killing San Antonio Cop

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Alleged Cop Killer Gets Married While San Antonio Police Conduct Manhunt For Him

Otis Tyrone McKane is probably the first person we’ve ever heard of to become a new husband AND an alleged murderer in the same day.

According to MySanAntonio, ol’ Otis is said to have murdered a police officer, Det. Benjamin Marconi, and 7 hours prior to being arrested for the crime he took the love of his life, Christian Chanel Fields, to the courthouse to acquire the marriage certificate you see above.

Police say that McKane shot the officer twice in the head in an ambush right outside of police headquarters as Det. Marconi was making a traffic stop.

Records show that McKane and Fields obtained a marriage license around 9:30am, then got a waiver from a judge that allowed them skip the standard 72-waiting period and be married immediately, reports NBC News. No reason for the waiver was specified. Police arrested McKane at 4:20pm Monday while he was in a car with a woman and a toddler. (Social media posts suggest Fields has a young daughter.) After his arrest, McKane said he shot the officer because he was angry about a custody dispute involving a son and “lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it.”

We can’t speculate as to whether or not the couple had made previous plans to wed, this shotgun marriage seems to be a legal strategy more than undying love. But here’s the problem, while Texas law deems husband-wife communication as protected speech, the murder that is alleged happened prior to the marriage, thus any convo between McKane and Fields is subject to become evidence in the murder trial.

Oops. Looks like Christian and Otis are going to have to celebrate their anniversary either in a prison, or in a graveyard…

Image via Bexar County

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