Kenya Moore Says Her Boyish Boo Thang Is Talking Marriage–But What Does His Family Think???

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RHOA makes marriages???

Kenya Moore Says Matt Jordan Wants To Marry Her

Kenya Moore is sharing more on her coupledom with her 29-year-old boo thang.

On the latest episode of RHOA viewers watched as she attended her boyfriend Matt Jordan’s family reunion and met his parents and sister.

According to Kenya she was especially pleased to bond with his mom considering that she doesn’t have a relationship with her own mother. Furthermore, Matt’s been “very open” about wanting to wed her.

She tells Bravo:

“I adore Matt’s family and his mother could not have been nicer toward me. Speaking as a woman who doesn’t have a relationship with my mother, his mom made me feel like I was one of her daughters.

It was a beautiful feeling. Matt has been very open with me about wanting marriage. Seeing his family and experiencing the love they have for each other made me want to be a part of it.”


She also added that she was surprised that it was older sister giving her a “hard time” about their relationship and not her boo’s mother.

“I was more surprised that it wasn’t his mother. Matt’s sister is older than him and he is the baby. I wasn’t expecting her to be so direct with her concerns.
I do, however, appreciate her love for her brother and wanting the best for him. With that said, most mothers love me, but I was skeptical of her acceptance because of our large age difference. As such, I didn’t think she would approve of our relationship.”

See what happens when you give love a second chance???

New couple Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan out in New York Featuring: Kenya Moore, Matt Jordan Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 31 Jan 2016 Credit: TNYF/

Do YOU see a Kenya Moore/Matt Jordan wedding in the future???

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Via Bravo:

Was the road trip as bad as you thought?

Kenya Moore: Everyone knows I’m the world’s worst road tripper! But it actually wasn’t that bad. Matt loves to drive everywhere, and I’m the complete opposite. We had fun talking and bonding. The worst thing that happened was Twirl got car sick and kept whining and vomiting. We were both happy to get out of that truck.


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