Was Kanye’s Meltdown Caused By Fights With Kim About Costly Crib? Or Battling With Kris Jenner Over KUWTK?

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Were Kim And Kanye At Odds Over Renovations? Plus, His Fights With Kris Jenner Over TV Show

There seem to be dozens of reasons put forth for why Kanye West suffered a breakdown this week — everything from trauma over his mother’s death, to depression about his broken down relationships with Beyoncé and Jay Z, along with the theory he may have been trying to escape financial responsibility from the loss of tour monies. But there have also been theories that Kanye and Kim’s marriage was in serious trouble as the result of his behavior, and now there’s at least some evidence that those stories may be true.

If you’ll recall, Kim and Kanye had to live with her mom for quite a while as they had their nearby home renovated, well the latest TMZ reports  claim that Kimmy Cakes was actually paying the majority of the cost of renovations with her OWN money!

Our sources say during the final taping of Khloe’s talk show in April, Kim was grousing that they had sunk $8 million into their Hidden Hills remodel and it was all her money.

We’re told the renovation costs swelled to $10 mil. Our sources say the main reason they sunk so much into the $20 million estate … Kanye couldn’t make his mind up. He would order a change and when it was completed he’d take a look and tell contractors to rip it out and do it another way.

Feels like we definitely heard that rumor MORE than a few times. You know what they say — where there is smoke there’s usually fire!

Sadly the couple had to endure frustration and tension without an end in sight, since the pair and their family have yet to even sleep a single night at the pricey mansion.

But wait, there’s more… Apparently Kris and Kanye had some beef too.

Hit the flip for the details.


Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian Kanye West Instagram

We already told you that the night of Kanye’s hospitalization, Kris was already complaining about her son-in-law ruining what was supposed to be a special occasion for Kim and her two oldest sisters.

Well according to RadarOnline reports, Kris and Kanye have been at all out war because he was eager for Kim to stay out of the limelight after the armed robbery incident in Paris — including keeping her off the family’s reality TV show. Y’all already know Kris wasn’t having that!

“Kris waged a war against Kanye to keep Kim on the show because she knows that if Kim quits, then the whole entire gig is up,” said the source. But as fans know, it’s not just about the show: Kardashian’s self-promotion is what keeps it all running, and it remains to be seen if West will encourage her to take a break from that too — especially now, after his hospitalization.

“The whole entire experience has really put a strain on Kim and Kanye’s relationship,” the insider added.

Don’t be alarmed KUWTK fans, Kim has signed on to continue with the show since these arguments, BUT it just goes to show another layer to this troubled family.

Prayers up for Kanye though!


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