What’s Wrong With this Picture?

- By Bossip Staff

These posters of Obama dressed up like the Joker are popping up all over LA in the oddest places…

What is Wrong With This Picture????

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  • http://www.myspace.com/mafiamami305 TEEZY

    Could I be first?

  • Tonya

    Haters are everywhere! I love our President.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mafiamami305 TEEZY

    Damn it Drenk.
    I wanted to post my soapbox about this picture but I also wanted to be first.

    Now, I’ll get on my soapbox. 🙂

    There have been far too many ‘photoshopped’ pictures of our President. Since he is the president that means MILLIONS of people voted for him, BUT MILLIONS of people also did NOT vote for him. The ones who are still in disbelief and disgust would like there chance to “speak” too. Instead of supporting our nation because in the end, ‘MAJORITY RULES’ they choose to react with ignorance.

  • White Devil

    The joker was more of an anarchist. This doesn’t make sense.

  • Resurrected

    This is a movement trying to come to life to get all people against Obama like you said it is all over LA what state will try to be next… People are trips because when Bush was in office there was still no good health plan… White people think that they are slick they don’t come at you straight up in your face but from the sidelines… I am going to keep praying for this man, people won’t even give him time to perform his job… I think they are going to try to peg him as the worst president before it over (1) to cover Bush lousy presidential term and (2)to try to create a position where another black person it will not be president for many years to come…

  • Resurrected


    Instead of supporting our nation because in the end, ‘MAJORITY RULES’ they choose to react with ignorance.

    So true but if this was a white man in this position they would never disreact him like that… This is how I see it and it is very manipulating that if we can not take the black man out of the position then we will man the position of lower value… He is the president so respect it and let him do him job just like any man in that position…

  • Doc

    The joker was more of an anarchist. This doesn’t make sense.
    cosing….some of this people areb desperate and are not even make sense birther, tea bagers. they acn acept the fact that a black man is the POTUS.

  • MsFit

    I saw this on CNN this morning. The had Bush and Hillary in Joker face too in previous years. I say, let them voice their opinion…Obama is the POTUS… some will never ACCEPT the fact…oh well! Fuk em’…

  • Resurrected

    Obama is the POTUS… some will never ACCEPT the fact…oh well! Fuk em’…

    This may be true but this is something even bigger trying to brew underneath the scene… We as a people have to make sure that something bigger and more hateful does not come after this because if they can do it to him in this type of position, then for the common folks like us they will feel that they can devour us… All of this is a never ending pattern of control, manipulation, and destruction trying to give birth to come forward… Just like in MLK and Malcolm X days, I would even describe it as another Holocaust in the making (which people are still tying to create in other countries) history is always trying to repeat it’s self but we are the only ones who can stop it…

  • drenk

    @ TEEZY

    sorry, if i wouldve know id’ve let the lady be 1st : )

  • PO10TiAL

    Somebody knows how to use photoshop and made some posters… big deal.

  • angelina jolie

    whats wrong with this pic is
    obama is a black man that pic looks like
    a white man
    also too much make-up around the eye
    he need to blot out some of the lipstick

  • s.dotta

    striking point marley but i think that’s a litttle too deep for a blog site like this one people have to stop being satisfied with the status quo stop wondering why things are bad and start doing their own research the information is out there

  • jrod

    it’s an interesting poster. look at it for the what it’s trying to say, whether you agree with it or not. he’s the president. he WILL be hated by MANY. it’s just the way it is. so leave the race card in your pockets please.

  • http://none marley

    S. Dotta and Jrod are on point. the race card is their problem not mine. and I have to stop researching so much. I keep finding out things I dont want to know. Its like the Matrix and It took the red pill.

  • Negrodamus Believes(Fl, Texas, Cali adventure next tuesday)

    No one was hated more than Bush. Not saying he didn’t help that cause but its part of the job people. I’m sure Barrack has overcome bigger obstacles in life then a silly poster which is why he is president.

  • michelle


  • http://cjswagattackTwitter CJ

    Anarchist makes perfect sence, The Joker represents anarchy Obama is trying to over throw traditional Government with socialism. It’s nothing wrong with the picture people have first ammendment rights. From what I have seen Georg Herbert Walker Bush had 10 X the hate Obama receives, I’m black but yall think everything is about race this is bigger than race this is people using pop culture to make a political statement this happens to all leaders.

  • Resurrected

    ZI don’t see nothing wrong with Socialism taking care of all your people no I do not want to live in a communist country either but damn… People are always spreading this soicalism talk like everyone is on one side… Speak for yourself, to me they are trying to make the socialism talk to be negative in people mindstate… We are the people and our government should not run us in everyway of life it is not there place… We choose the official in office and then they turn around and feed us lies and try to use control and manipulation to make other around the ignorant, this is why I do my own research…

  • llibra22

    I personally think it’s sad how we still try to pull eachother a part but smile in eachother’s face everyday on the job, in the bank, on the street, when in reality you don’t like what you see. If folks didn’t think he could do the job then why did they vote for him. He’s only a man that bleeds red blood like you and me.

  • Arasiam

    What are we gonna do? We did the same to Shrub when he was in office, they will do the same to Obama. Who cares since health care is going to pass with or without them. Personally, I think they are afraid it will a success.

  • honey

    haters gotta hate.

  • BOSSIP strikes once more

    ow u idoits have such selectively short memories, all the trash that was spoken and done to clinton, bush, in fact all public figures and yet u want to act so offended when it is done to obama. u fools are not ready to rule a country.

  • my two cents

    I love the president I appreciate the need for change… BUT at what cost
    releasing detainees from GITMO with no where to go
    sending money overseas to pay for abortions when there are people here who go hungry
    the characters of some of the people he is electing /appointing car czar anyone??
    the healthcare plan that has me SMH so much its about to pop off
    and his most recent act of saying the police department acted stupidly not because he knew the facts but because it was his friend that was arrested

    Wake up people you say you dont see color but in fact it seems like you are blinded by his color
    just because he is black its not all good
    I am not expecting miracles from Obama just some change in the right direction

  • the Joker

    its not such a bad picture, the joker is a great villain, at least they didnt dress him up as the riddler

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