People Think Donald And Melania Trump’s Son Barron Is Autistic, And The New First Family Is PISSED

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Donald And Melania Trump Fight Claims That Son Barron Has Autism


Many people have noticed that Donald and Melania’s son Barron doesn’t exactly act like the “average child.”

This has led to some speculation and internet chatter that the new first child may suffer from some form of Autism, a theory which this video explores in deep detail:

Well…this theory would better explain why the Trumps are insistent that Barron remain in New York to keep going to his school instead of moving to DC and attending the same prestigious institutions the rest of the first kids go to…

Either way, of course Donald and Melania are denying that anything could possibly be wrong with their child and are naturally looking to censor this video and have it scrubbed from the internet.

TMZ got a hold of a letter from Melania’s lawyer, threatening a lawsuit on the creator of the YouTube vid, demanding that it be removed and an apology be issued.

As for Barron’s clearly odd behavior? Melania says these actions are typical of a 10-year-old boy, and that he was very tired during most of the footage because it was often late at night.

We definitely won’t start diagnosing anyone’s child with anything over here…but can you really sue someone off of internet speculation? You never saw the Obama family suing over all the vile and totally unfounded things that were said about his daughters….


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