True Or False? Did Nipsey Hussle Father A “Break Baby” While He And Lauren London Were Living In Splitsville?

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Lauren London Addresses Nipsey Hussle Break Baby Rumors


Remember a few months back when Lauren London was low-keyly knocked up by longtime boo Nipsey Hussle…and the duo were reportedly on the rocks?

The couple denied there were any issues, of course…

But a young lady has recently come out of the woodwork claiming that she too has a freshly baked baby by Nipsey Hussle…which may be the reason the duo appeared to have been taking a breather in the middle of Lauren’s hushy-hushy pregnancy at the time.

But what does the couple have to say???


According to Lauren, she and Nipsey don’t do anything but laugh at the rumor mill. Let her Instagram tell it, this tall tale couldn’t be further from the truth:

#Mood.Me and Babe trying to figure out why all the hate? All these random fake ass rumors? 😂😂😂😂 give us something to laugh at before bed while we admire our Son tho 😘 #WeSoGood

Well alright then! Of course, the woman in question is supposedly awaiting a paternity test…so the truth will come out one way or the other.

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