Random Ridiculousness: Aussie Do-Gooder Brings Breast Implant “Evidence” To Cops, Cops Realize It’s Jellyfish

- By Bossip Staff


Man Mistakes A Jellyfish For The Breast Implant Of A Murdered Woman

Don’t quit your day job. A top cop, you are not.

We imagine that the police at Maroochydore Station in Australia told the good samaritan who thought he was helping them solve some brutal murder, but he was really just being a boob according to MyPolice Sunshine Coast.

Apparently, the man believed that he was helping the cops by bringing them what he believed to be a breast implant from a murdered woman, but it turns out that it was just a jellyfish.


We’re sure the cops appreciate the effort, but this is pure comedy!

Image via MyPolice

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