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Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian hit up a Hornets game in the N.O. over the weekend to support Reggie’s neighbor Chris Paul. Yep, it’s looks like dude is really wife-ing her up for real. Check out the hand in hand grasp in the photos. SMH.

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  • serene

    i use to like reggie b4 dis check….. anybody but her, wouldn’t care if it was a snowflake…just anybody but this one…. makes wonder about him……

  • Southern Belle 225

    Where is she going with that damn hair store purse? Its just awful!

    At this point, can we please stop badgering this guy for being with her. I mean can we still possibly care at this point?

  • Sweets


  • tj

    Kim is so boring. They need to kick her off her own show. I would much rather see Khloe or Kortney with Reggie and on this site.

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to read all the envious posts by jealous Black women on this thread. I am going to grab me a glass of wine and will sit back to enjoy the show.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    Based on this picture..I am not feeling a Real VIBE! I think that he tries to hard to live up to the camera their relationship. I feel that she is just going along with the ride. I don’t know if it is just me, but I really don’t have to carry a purse everywhere I go! Maybe that is just me.

  • Wondering

    They are a cute couple, and she is pretty. Her extensions are always so natural looking. I love her eye lashes too! I love her make-up here too!

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Lisa

    Can i join you? I can hardly wait for SMDH to go on one of her Tourettes-like rants, decrying the evils of black men who date other than black.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Lisa..its not that serious boo boo. if you are able to grab a glass of wine and sit back and wait for comments, you need to get a job and do something with yourself!

  • Jeanette

    I use to like him but not anymore… he is just plain stupid!!!!!!

  • Tam

    I hate this site

  • Nikko

    Why do you people keep giving this attention-starved girl and Reggie shine? People know they’re a couple. It’s no longer news. Post something people would actually care or be surprised about. Jeez

  • Tam

    This site is not telling the whole entire truth and the keep not posting my comments

  • Jeanette

    what about the jealous white men ? they dont like it either… not just black women and most black women dont give a damn.

  • Vinandi

    @ Southern Belle

    So right about the bag- its well FUGLY- my first thoughts when looking at the pic!

  • intuitivepisces

    Aye dios mio!

  • Bohwe

    This site talks about the same celebrities everyday. It’s as nasausating(sp) as TMZ. Ok, we get it, the Reggie/Kim stories are only posted so, people can laugh or discuss , the angry black woman stereotype of being upset that another athlete is dating a nonblack woman. Who cares? I don’t know him, don’t know Kim. I’m not living through Kim or Reggie. It’s ridiculous now. It’s almost as pathetic as the Democratic Primary elections. You, know the media stirring up unnecessary drama to make sure Obama loses.

  • EG da God

    this is publicity, Kim has a formal boyfriend else where. you guys will find out soon!

  • Wondering

    I’m Chocolate and White Men love it,

    I never put black women down for wearing extensions! In fact, I am quick to point out all the non-black celebs that wear extensions! I don’t care if it’s Kim K, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, or Gabby Union if their extensions are nice, I point it out. Kim K’s extensions are nice. I didn’t say weave, because I know for a fact that she goes between track extensions and strand by strand fusion. I was not sure what she had in the picture, but I know it’s longer than her natual hair. To be safe, I said extensions. Please don’t turn this into a black and white thing. Let’s stick to the topic of Kim K and Reggie Bush.

  • jusplayit04

    Since the hornets are winning, won’t she try and suck Chris Paul Dick next? Reggie better watch out. Another successfull young black man, she can’t keep her mouth off’em

  • Ladycoco

    Leave them alone. I’m not a fan of either but they together for now and thats what it is.


    I love Chris Paul 😉

  • Wondering

    Now that I look again, I am almost positive that it is a sew-in and NOT strand by strand fusion. It does not even look like glued tracks.

    So, I’m Chocolate and White Men love it,

    You are right, Kim K has a weave. Happy now?

  • yanib

    I’m sad for Reggie, not because she’s pank, but because he settled for a skank that litterly let herself be pissed on by Ray J on tape. Reggie can do so much better.

  • jusplayit04

    @ I’m Chocolate and White Men Love it

    I know what you were trying to say which make’s since but don’t insult Black people (Lighten up alittle)

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