Justice For Walter Scott: Trial Deadlocked After One Juror Refuses to Convict White Cop

- By Bossip Staff


Lone Juror Refuses To Convict White Cop That Killed Walter Scott

Its starting to look like there may be no justice for Walter Scott, the unarmed black man gunned down by a white South Carolina cop. The jury remained deadlocked throughout Friday after all but one juror decided on a verdict for the officer Michael Slager, who shot a fleeing Scott in the back after a routine traffic stop and it was captured in video. In the recording, Scott can be seen running with some distance between himself and Slager, when Slager simply stopped, raised his gun, and fired five shots into Scott’s back.

“I still cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant,” the conflicted juror eventually wrote, in a letter delivered to Judge Newman. “I cannot and will not change my mind,” he wrote. The message would provoke Slager’s defense to request that the judge rules the case a mistrial, but instead, he allotted for extra time and encouraged the panel to reach a verdict.

Slager faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted,  the judge has also allowed for the jury to consider voluntary manslaughter should they fail to agree on the more serious charge.



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