Cam Newton allegedly benched for taking Panthers players to strip club

Rumor Control: Was Cam Newton Benched For Taking Teammates To See Fatties And Fun Bags?

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Cam Newton Allegedly Benched For Taking Carolina Panthers Teammates To Strip Club

The sports world sat in confusion on Sunday when Cam Newton was conspicuously benched for the first drive of their game against the Seattle Seahawks.

While the “official” reason for the discipline was “dress code violation”, no one with two good ears believed that s#!t.

Today, we get a report from BarStoolSports that claims that dabbin’ Cam was sidelined by coach Ron Rivera for taking a few of his teammates to make it rain on some hoes during their stay on the west coast:

I have it on good authority from someone who has steered me right before that this has nothing to do with a dress code. Unless you count the dress code in the strip club Newton took some teammates to while the Panthers were staying out near San Francisco between games on the West Coast.

There are no details about what if anything happened inside the adult entertainment facility, but one things for sure, two’s for certain, ain’t no damn neck tie keep league MVP Cam Newton out of the Panther’s lineup.

Surely coach Rivera and the team staff could have come up with something better than a “dress code violation”. SMFH.

While this story hasn’t been confirmed, we feel a lot more comfortable believing this version of the situation than the one that was initially sold to us.

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