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Interview With The Sailing Team’s Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane is ready to take the industry on, and already has an up-and-coming rap “heavy hitter” in her corner. The songstress/rapper is considered the “first lady” of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team, and just released her first single and full EP, entitled “Zero Gravity” on December 2.

We caught up with Kodie during her recent visit to NYC to find out more about her sound:

First things first, introduce yourself to the people and let us know what we can expect from you.

I’m Kodie Shane. I’m from Atlanta. What can people expect from me? Expect nothing less than awesome.

Nice! Now, tell us how you came to be acquainted with Yachty and becoming the only girl on the Sailing Team squad.

Well, I met Coach K [Yachty’s manager] first. He liked what he heard from me, and he introduced me to Yachty about 5 months ago. Eventually it led to him asking if I wanted to be the first lady of the Sailing Team. Now…it’s lit.

So for those of us just getting to know you, how would you describe your sound?

My sound is new, it’s fresh, and it’s different. There’s really nothing out there right now like what I do, so that’s how I would describe my sound.

Take a listen to her first single “Sad:” Do you agree?

Now, as you know, Yachty and his music face a LOT of backlash and hate from many different angles. As the first lady of The Sailing Team, do you feel as if that negativity spills over to you and the rest of the squad?

We are one, but all of our music is different. As far as people coming for Yachty…I really think they’re picking on him because he did it so fast and is still doing it.

What do you feel like fans, and girls, in particular, can look to you and see? What’s your overall message for them?

That they can be themselves. Do and be whatever they want. Girls, whether they want to wear boy clothes or girl clothes, they don’t have to be scared of being judged by the next person. No one is better than anyone else. Just be you and do what you want to do.


Check out more from Kodie on social media @kodieshane. Also, be sure to check out her new EP, “Zero Gravity.” Do you think Yachty’s sailing teammate has what it takes to take on the industry?




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