D. Woods’ Sister is F*cking for Tracks

- By Bossip Staff

D. Woods’ sister, Shanell, is signed to Young Money and also said to be Lil’ Wayne’s new bottom b*tch. Shanell has two songs roaming around right now, one she stole from Eddie Murphy. Eddie’s singing career didn’t make it that far, let’s see what Shanell has going on…

Pop it for a Listen

Shanell ft. Aubrey O’ Day – Party All The Time

Shanell ft. Lil Wayne – Play in My Band

Hope she knows to truly be Weezy’s girl, she has to pop one out.

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  • http://wordpress delish

    yuck. her voice is thin just like D. Woods.

  • no bueno

    my question is… WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO SAMPLE EDDIE MURPHY? i’m confused.

  • Aunt Viv

    Ugh there’s more than one of them?

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    No comment

  • the_REAL_Kenia

    I’ve heard worse. The one w/ Lil Wayne is cool. The “Party all the time” beat is played out thou. She should have came with something more original. Overall, not bad!

  • cturtle

    um lil wayne is turning into a Diddy..take that…take that!lol

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    another crappy song,where’s the real music,we just don’t have it anymore,no creative writters,just alot of sampling

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Well, her voice sounds a lot like the rest of the girls who are out… I don’t know… Production could’ve been a little better too. But who am I to judge. We’ll see what else she comes with.

  • cookie

    ok so who is gonna take her seriously really effin with lil wayne that has more baby mamas than i can count

  • sixfoota

    she’s cute

  • Fashionized Diva

    i like the first song with Danity kane younging.
    i like aubrey part and thats it.

  • Twinkle

    No one with nostrils that large should ever flare them out even more to look hard.

  • Philly

    Lawd ByE!

  • jswang

    The second one wasn’t bad. It’s different. Everyone always talks about where the real music is but if someone tried to sing like the early 90’s you would be the same person not to buy the music anyhow. Stop hating and at least give the music a try.

  • h_b

    lil wayne is gonna take a loss if he puts her out before nicki minaj

  • Tosh

    Her and aubrey Seem like the same TYPE of girls alway run together.

  • JB (With so many to choose from, which sorority is the best fit for me?

    How is she going to come out with a song using auto tune. Damn show your vocal range.

  • D.wood

    Yeah body too good to kick out the band.. I’ll beat that till the tour is over and buy her a place close by and work that from time to time,,

  • PebPeb86

    I am so tired of folks asking for ‘real’ music. Dang sit back and sing a tune yourself, just how you want it. People are making what sells and that is NOT some ol’ School crooning. Sorry. The song with Wayne is str8, the other…um I’m not feeling it, 2 each his own on that one. As for hawking at chick cause she doing it with Wayne, better to f*ck urself up the career ladder than for free, in the end both p*ssys will end up loose but one will have the money to have that vagina reconstruction surgery. lmao.

  • http://1500bytoday.com Need Cash? Click here for up to $1500 today

    She is ok

  • Blacky

    I want to run through the whole Young Money crew excluding the two females. Even Omarion can get it and I will write a book about it.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever christylove

    ayyyuurr.. umm who is comin out first Wayne.. her or Nicki????? hmmm..these should be interestinnggg


    not feeling her voice or her style…

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    F*ck this broad, let Nicki Minaj loose on these hoes!

  • Soul Touch

    Is it just me, or does she look like a slender version of Raven Simone?

    Anyhow…Lil ‘Wayne? What are wrong with these women???

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