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Ivanka Trump To Relocate Into The First Lady’s Wing Of The White House

This family is weird af, bruh.

During his run for the Presidency, Donald told Rolling Stone that if he weren’t married (and her father) that he would he trying to grab his daughter Ivanka Trump by the pu**y. Ok, he didn’t exactly use that phrase, but he definitely implied that he’d date her which is plenty weird for our standards.

Now the NYDailyNews is reporting that since speech-stealin’ headazz, Melania Trump, won’t be moving to D.C., Ivanka will play the role of First Lady and move into her official space at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Ivanka Trump will reportedly inherit an office in the same White House space typically used by the First Lady — the latest evidence that the President-elect’s eldest daughter is preparing to take on a substantial White House role in her father’s administration.

According to CNN, the younger Trump, who has been increasingly involved not only in her father’s presidential transition but in prospective policy initiatives as well, hasn’t yet been given a formal title for a potential White House job, but she will receive an office in the “same space reserved for First Lady” inside the White House, which is usually the East Wing.

Despite Donald’s piss-poor rumor control it looks like Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kusher will be getting a cushy nepotism gig too.

Moreover, Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner has quietly played a large role advising his father-in-law during his campaign and has continued counseling the President-elect as he moves forward with his transition — a relationship that many have speculated signifies a larger political role for his wife, as well.

SMH. Get ALL of these muthaf**kas the f**k outta here.

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