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Khloé Kardashian Profiled For Health Magazine December/January Issue

Kongratulations to Khloé Kardashian on landing yet another magazine cover! The youngest of the Kardashian sisters (Kylie is a Jenner) has landed the December/January issue of Health Magazine! Now you know Khloé being Khloé, the unfiltered interview offered plenty of great talking points but our favorite -of course – is when she reveals that even her nutritionist didn’t hesitate to tell her she’s no Kim Kardashian — using perhaps the cruelest car comparison we can think of.

Asked about how she finally lost the bulk of her weight, Khloé reveals how, unlike Kim, she can’t eat everything she’d like:

“After a year and a half of working with Gunnar, he set me up with his nutritionist. I did baby steps. I cut out sodas, then I went dairy-free for two weeks, and I lost 11 pounds. Now I only drink almond milk. I still love cheese, which is hard, but if I want to lose weight quickly, dairy-free is the way to go. It’s not even a diet anymore. I don’t process carbs well after 3 p.m. Kim can eat anything, and I’m like, “I hate you.” The nutritionist was like, “Kim has a body like a Ferrari, and you have a body like a Honda.” I was like, “Yep, that sounds about right. That’s my life—you just summed it up right there.”

YIKES! That’s kinda harsh… But Khloé has a good sense of humor so, fortunately she is still laughing about this conversation as she retells it.

Our other favorite quote comes as she’s revealing how her intense workouts have made her breasts shrink and even niece North has noticed!

While answering a question about her favorite kind of workout she says she loves jumping rope and running is her least favorite. The Health reporter interviewing her adds “It’s harder with big boobs,” and that’s when Khloé says she’s a member of the itty bitty committee.

Losing weight, I’ve lost my little chichis. But that’s OK. North is so funny. She’s like, “Why don’t you have chichis like my mom?” I’m like, “I don’t know!” I hate running, but I’ll run the trails in my neighborhood and wear a sauna suit that looks like a garbage bag. You take it off and it’s like a pool of sweat. It’s all water weight, but it’s a good trick if you want to de-bloat. I up my water intake when I do it.

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