Jesus Take the Wheel: 3 Women Super Glue a Cheating Man’s Genitals!

- By Bossip Staff

A wife and her husband’s mistresses came together to give him a night he wouldn’t  forget.

Tracy Davis Hood decided to plot revenge on her husband with two other women he was having an affair with.  The women decided to lure the man into a Wisconsin motel by using a mistress as a decoy.  Once inside the room the man was blindfolded and tied up.

Guessing he was going to chop down a kinky one he prepared himself for the ride of his life only to later find his wife and two other women busting into the room to superglue his privates and threaten to shoot him.  After the incident, the wife admitted she was ashamed and was an emotional wreck! Check out the video below:

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Now men, you’ve been told time and time again about not getting yourself into sticky situations that your pen*s can’t get you out of.  But this guy should of known the situation was too good to be true.

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  • Cwthaone

    this is a first….im first

  • Cwthaone

    am i first?

  • Cwthaone

    why yes…im first second and third…whooo

  • Nikki



    Oh well, shouldn’t have been sleeping around. More women need to unite like they did instead of sleeping with married men or men in relationships. Women are so selfish and desperate now that they are willing to break up homes and cost confusion within families instead of being a decent woman and saying “Im attracted to you but as of now you belong to someone else, so I cant act on”. If he really wants you, let him come around the right way.
    When the women become women the men will become men.

  • ThAtLaDy22

    That’s what he get…..dammit maaaaaaaaaaaaaaane 🙂

  • sushine20745

    he got what he deserved

  • http://none jo

    Ha! Sticky, Icky, Icky!

  • Adrienne

    I’m sorry, that is what he gets. See, when are men going to learn to stop playing with woman’s hearts???? It’s not a joke AT ALL. Esp if you have these woman dedicating 5-10 years of their lives to you to only find out your a$$ is out cheating with the whole damn town. He’s lucky that’s all they did. It could have gotten much worse. A woman scored is NOT to be played with… SMH


    HAAAAAAAAA!!!! Bet he will think twice next time.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    hahahaha…men are pain in the ass.

  • rockon

    The sad part is the dumb broads were asking him which one he loves and which one he wants to be with!

    Stupid broads deserved to be used!!!!!

  • alexis

    ^^ LMFAO

  • i'mthebest



  • PO10TiAL

    … and people call me conservative in the bedroom because i dont do that blind fold and handcuff shyt. Hm. This wont stop him from cheating… he just wont have anymore freaky sex.

  • Late

    females are so dumb these days… Nobody deserve that…

  • Angee

    I’m not one for revenge, but…..

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)


  • GET IT!

    Damn men are getting they asses whopped in the 09′ it is not a game at all.

  • Anna

    He better be lucky his private is still attached to his body.

  • liyah76

    dayuuum i dont agree with them torturing the man but at least they didn’t attack each other. lots of times men cheat and women instead of being mad at the man they attack each other over a man that didn’t have enough regard for any of them to be faithful. women dont even stop to think that maybe the other person is unaware that he is involved with someone else.

    nonetheless they went overboard though. poor prick

  • Man, I just dont care™

    They woulda had to shoot me. After looking at these hoes shouldn’t they of EXPECTED to be cheated on? I mean for real FOR REAL. Look at them hoes. 😯

  • Lisa Vee

    It probably took only a small amount of glue…a white man’s best asset is his mouth piece maybe they should’ve glued that shut.

  • Ryan Coke

    Can’t imagine how this thread would’ve jumped off if it was a black dude

  • Royal Chocolate

    Goody, goody for him. They should have glued his genitals together and then slowly pulled them apart. They could have done all kinds of crazy sh*t to him. Stupid!!!

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