White Football Player Charged With Raping Disabled Black Teammate Avoids Prison

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White Player Charged With Raping Disabled Black Teammate Avoids Prison

We previously reported about the horrific story of white high school football players that were charged with the brutal sexual assault of a mentally disabled Black teammate. The black teen claimed he was lured into the locker-room and violently attacked by the white players.

According to Magic Valley News, 19-year-old John R.K Howard pled guilty last week to a felony count of injury to a child but will only be sentenced to two-three years of probation and 300 hours of community service.

But Howard will avoid prison or jail time and could ultimately have his conviction dismissed if he successfully completes probation without violations or committing new crimes. And by submitting an Alford plea, he maintains his innocence while acknowledging prosecutors would likely be able to win a conviction at trial.

District Judge Randy Stoker agreed to bind himself to the plea bargain, which includes a withheld judgment, meaning at sentencing, Stoker will order Howard be placed on probation but will not order an underlying prison sentence. A judge will order a prison term only if Howard violates his probation.

The maximum penalty a judge could order should Howard violate his probation is 10 years in prison and a fine up to $50,000. He had faced up to life in prison on the previous felony charge of forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object.

Court documents show the black teen said a clothes hanger had been kicked into his rectum by the white player during the brutal assault. Read the entire story HERE.

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