Nosy Nurses: Dozens Of UCLA Medical Center Employees To Be Fired For Diggin Into Kanye’s Medical History

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UCLA Hospital To Fire Employees Trying To Access Kanye West’s Medical History

Medical professionals are sworn to a solemn vow of privacy and ethics when it comes to protecting their patients and their personal information. That said, when a A-list celebrity like Kanye West goes nuts and enters the hospital for treatment, even the most faithful practitioner might be tempted to violate.

Enter the staff at the UCLA Medical Center. According to TMZ, “several dozen” employees will lose, or already have lost, their jobs due to a major security breach that the hospital is not taking lightly.

The brass at the hospital noticed that many of their employees attempted to access the database where personal information is kept in order to gain access to Kanye’s file. It can be surmised that at least SOME of them were looking to cash in by selling information to magazines or blogs.

Some of them were probably just being too damn nosy for their own good. In either case the hospital is conducting an investigation and heads will roll.

Recording artist Kanye West performs during the closing ceremony for the 2015 Pan Am Games at Pan Am Ceremonies Venue in Toronto

Sure hope it was worth it…SMH.

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